City Council Meeting Tuesday – Link Added

Tuesday’s City Council Meeting will include a Public Hearing on the Courtyard by Marriott’s Tax Abatement.  This is the hotel component of the Harrison Square project.

Documents for viewing:
Economic Reviatlization Area Application (pdf)
Declaratory Resolution No. R-08-05-25 (word doc)
Confirming Resolution No. R-08-05-26 (word doc)

Also up for passage will be a resolution granting a retroactive budget increase to Citilink.  If the State Government accepts this resolution, it will restore $518,339 in funds.  While this will cut a projected operating deficit for this year by over 60 percent, it will still leave a $300,000+ deficit due to rising fuel costs.  There is still a possiblity the state will not grant the request, but throwing this lifeline to Citilink only to refuse it wouldn’t make much sense.  Below is a link to the resolution.  I will have more on Exhibits A and B which are referenced in the resolution later today.Â

Resolution No. R-08-06-04 (word doc)

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Link to Agenda

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  1. The City Council has a great opportunity to help the cause of public transportation now. Yes, the HB 1001 budget cuts are still for real-but it could be so much worse.

    In the last couple years, the Indiana State Local Government Finance folks have not done much for Fort Wayne to applaud them for. In fact, this is the group that stiffed the City Council on the tax levy and city budget issue. This is a chance for them to do something right. After all, Citilnk was blindsided on this. They rightfully believed that all was well, and then they are told by the State Local Finance folks not so.

    In fairness, this very same public body is now re-opening the door to allow the City and Citilink and the citizens to get back the funds all thought we had.

    It’s now the City Council’s turn to act to restore these funds.


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