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This special email is in response to loss of an anticipated $500,000 in local property tax revenue and higher than anticipated fuel expenses to date, Citilink is exploring revenue enhancement and cost containment options.  A fare increase of $0.25 per one way passenger trip and other adjustments in the fare structure may be proposed – the first in 17 years.  Service reductions may include, but are not limited to; elimination of Route 5, reducing Route 7 to hourly service on Saturday, reducing Route 1, 2 & 3 to hourly service weekdays and restricting the service area for Citilink ACCESS trips to within ¾ mile of the fixed route service.  Citilink is requesting comments on proposed service changes.

The Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation/Citilink will host the following community information sessions:

Monday, June 2, 6:45-8:30am & 3:45-5:30pm Citilink Superior Street Transfer Facility

Tuesday, June 3, 4:30 – 6:30pm, Fort Wayne Urban League, 2135 S. Hanna Street

Wednesday, June 4, 10:30-Noon, Citilink Administrative Offices, 801 Leesburg Road

Thursday, June 19, 4:30-5:30, Public Hearing, Citilink Administrative Offices, 801 Leesburg Road

In addition to these sessions the public is invited to attend Citilink Board Meetings on May 29th and June 19th at 5:30pm, Citilink Administrative Offices, 801 Leesburg Road.

It is anticipated that service and fare changes will be made July 1, 2008.

Input and suggestions on these issues of immediate concern are invited at the meetings or can be addressed to Betsy Kachmar, Assistant General Manager, 432-4977, bek@fwcitilink.com by June 19, 2008.  Comments on other issues are also welcome at the meetings or at any time.

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