Harrison Square Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Harrison Square Groundbreaking Ceremony took place Thursday, November 29, 2007, at the Grand Wayne Center.  The Mayor welcomed everyone to the ceremony and then invited us to walk across the street to the former Belmont Beverage site for the groundbreaking.

Once the ground was thrown by three different groups of participants, the Mayor took the lead and shouted for everyone to follow him back to the Grand Wayne Center.  He said, “…and this time let’s take the crosswalk!”  The Mayor turned right and walked up Jefferson Boulevard towards the crosswalk.  The majority of people behind him, reached the sidewalk and saw that Fort Wayne’s Director of Public Information, Michael Joyner, had halted traffic on Jefferson Boulevard.  Needless to say, the rest of us didn’t follow the Mayor, but rather crossed in the middle of the street.  I thought it was symbolic of how the whole Harrison Square project has progressed in regards to the public’s support.  Our leaders out in front daring to try different things while the rest of the community takes the path of least resistance and risk.

Once back in the Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne Mayor Graham Richard, Chris Schoen (Barry Real Estate Companies), Deno Yiankes (White Lodging Services) and Jason Freier (Owner Hardball Capital and The Fort Wayne Wizards) spoke at the ceremony.  Chris Schoen joked about about people setting up their tents for tomorrow’s start of the condominium sales.  Those city officials recognized for their contribution included Steve Brody and Deputy Mayor Mark Becker.


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