Harrison Square Walkway – LHPB Review

For more information from the staff review of the Certficate of Appropriateness Application approved in Monday’s Local Historic Preservation Board meeting, click here.  The added information includes some quotes of interest from the document plus the five staff recomendations.

Also, in looking at the photos of the “finished” product, the expansion joints connecting the walkway to the Indiana Hotel are going to have to be a good size.  The terra cotta along the top of the second story is quite thick which will leave a sizable gap.  With the building and the walkway not touching and the walkway supported on the east end by only two columns, which are not braced, it would be interesting to have more details on the engineering aspects of this project.

A reminder that the Harrison Square groundbreaking ceremony will take place later this morning at 11:30 AM at the Jefferson Boulevard and Webster Street intersection.

Related Images:


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