The Harrison, Updated Site Plan and New Webcam

The new name given to the Retail/Condominium building to be built along Jefferson Boulevard.  I’ve added three pages with information:

  • Artist Renderings (updated 11/28/2007)
  • Floorplans
  • Overview and Amenities

Martin Goldstine Knapke began taking deposits for the units Friday morning.  No word yet on exactly how many units have been spoken for, although it was reported on WANE-15 that several people have deposited money with the company.  If you are interested, they now have an email package that includes the paperwork for the deposit which they will promptly e-mail to you.  You may call them at (260) 467-1400.

Updated Site Plans


CB Richard Ellis has posted a newly updated site plan to their website.  The full-color illustration is dated August 2, 2007 and has the water feature just recently mentioned.  There is also more of a schematic drawing-type of the site plan and this features what would look like a baseball from above.

New Webcam

I’ll let the webcam photos speak for itself!  This is a company also used by Fort Wayne’s Tippmann Group.

Related Images:


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