Harrison Square Street closings

Recently, the media reported that the streets in the Harrison Square project area had been closed by the city.  Only today, were the streets physically blockaded.  Subway is an island upon itself.  There are barricades on all four sides, while the South barricades allow one to exit the parking lot onto Lewis Street, but you are funneled back onto Webster.  Webster Street is no longer accessible from Lewis Street to the Douglas Avenue intersection.  Lewis was closed last Thursday while McClellan remains open at the Brackenridge Street intersection.

 Excavation also began last week in the area where the ballpark will be built.  A “slurry wall” will be built at some point, hence the 2-ton bags of Bentonite in the area.  If you remember, the ballpark will actually sit up to a full story below street level.  This is being done so the structure of the ballpark will not “tower” over the surrounding residential neighborhood.  With this depressed feature, a slurry wall will be installed as a means of dealing with the water table in the area.  The water table is the main reason a tunnel cannot be constructed between the proposed hotel and Grand Wayne Center.

 The Lincoln Financial Group Parking Lot along Douglas Avenue and Webster and Harrison Streets is in the process of being demolished.  The asphalt has been removed while fencing and light posts wait to be removed.  The new Parking Garage will be built in this area.  The LFG Parking Lot along McClellan Street across from where the MLK Montessori School was is also in the process of demolition.

Photos from the area will be posted this week.

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