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Former Rescue Mission demolition update – 6/16/2021

Demolition of the former Fort Wayne Rescue Mission location at 301 West Superior Street in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, is underway.
GE demolition - 3/26/2015

GE demolition prep on Broadway and road impediments

GE demolition prep on Broadway and road impediments.

Olds Wagon Works demolition – 1/15/2009

Photos of the Olds Wagon Works demolition, taken Thursday, January 15th 2009.          

Former Convent demolition

     Photos from Monday, January 5th, 2009.                                   

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #21

21 - Downtown seen through an MLK Montessori School window 9/25/2007 - Downtown Fort Wayne seen through a MLK Montessori School window. The school was...

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #24

#24 Belmont Beverage Demolition  Cloudy, stormy day, but sentimental value calls for inclusion.  The Belmont Beverage demolition began on July 26, 2007.  This was the start...

Subway Sandwiches Demolished – 12/12/2007

Subway Sandwiches was demolished today.  I had my old camera with me, so the photos aren't the greatest today.  They were taken shortly before...

Subway Sandwiches Demolition – Excavation Progress

Martin crews were at the Subway Sandwiches on Jefferson removing the utility access today. Demolition should follow in the next day or two.    Also posted some...

1111 South Clinton Street Clean Up

Clean up of the debris from the demolition continues as well as removal of the foundation.

1111 South Clinton Street Clean Up

Removal of the foundation is underway.  The foundation will be removed from all sides except for the West side.  This will be left in...