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Subway Sandwiches Construction – 12/31/2007

 Photos taken 12/31/2007

Construction updates

All updates from December 25, 2007:  Steininger Center  St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church addition  Subway Sandwiches - framing has been started, look for another update shortly

206 E Jefferson Revisited

Click the above photo for more images Today's News-Sentinel carried an article by Kevin Leininger concerning the story behind the Subway Sandwiches move and demolition of 206...

Subway Sandwiches Demolished – 12/12/2007

Subway Sandwiches was demolished today.  I had my old camera with me, so the photos aren't the greatest today.  They were taken shortly before...

Subway Sandwiches Demolition – Excavation Progress

Martin crews were at the Subway Sandwiches on Jefferson removing the utility access today. Demolition should follow in the next day or two.  Also posted some...

1111 South Clinton Street Clean Up

Clean up of the debris from the demolition continues as well as removal of the foundation.

1111 South Clinton Street Clean Up

Removal of the foundation is underway.  The foundation will be removed from all sides except for the West side.  This will be left in...

1111 South Clinton Street Clean Up

Clean up at 1111 South Clinton Street continues.

1111 South Clinton Street demolished

The front half of the building was demolished today.  Care was taken to stop the work when traffic was flowing past.  I drove by...

1111 South Clinton Street partially demolished

  Well, I guessed wrong.  1111 South Clinton Street wasn't partially demolished until this morning.  I took a few photos this morning while they...