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Citizens Courtyard to open at Citizens Square July 7th

Citizens Courtyard café in the garden level of 200 E. Berry St. will reopen Monday, July 7 with a rotating list of 10 lunch vendors.

2013 Holly Trolley Shopping Participants

2013 Holly Trolley Shopping Participants
2013 Taste of the Arts

2013 Taste of the Arts Expands Evening Activity

The 5th annual Taste of the Arts will expand with new evening activities on the Arts United Campus in downtown Fort Wayne.

Subway Sandwiches Grand Opening

The new downtown Subway Sandwich Shop opened for business today.AFW photos of the Subway Sandwich Shop construction AFW Blog posts

Subway Sandwich Signage – Part Two

The rest of the new downtown Subway Sandwich signage has been installed.  Photos taken May 25, 2008.Click the above image for the photo set

Subway Sandwich Signage – Revisited

Well, one of the signs has been installed.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves.Click the above image for the photo set

Construction Photos – 3/20/2008

Harrison Square Construction Area photos taken March 20, 2008 from the Lincoln Tower Observation Deck.Also, a photo of the Steininger Center and the Subway Sandwiches Restaurant, both under...

Subway Construction Photo Updates

The windows have been installed at the Subway Sandwiches shop under construction at the corner of Clinton Street and Jefferson Boulevard.Click on the above...

Steininger Center and Subway Sandwiches Updates

Subway Sandwiches photo update 1/19/2008:  Steininger Center photo udpates from 1/19 and 1/20/2008:

Several Photo Updates

Several photo updates from photos taken over the last weekend. Steininger CenterSubway SandwichesLa Hartz Trophies & Awards (renovation completed)Harrison Square2 updates: January 11, 2008 and January...