Top 2007 AFW Photos – #01

1 - The Lincoln Tower at night The Lincoln Tower at night, under a partly-cloudy sky.

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #02

2 - Fort Wayne Skyline after dark The Fort Wayne skyline after dark. The Summit Building is Blue in honor of the Arts United...

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #03

Some of the more satisfying photos I took last year are the top 3.  The Lake Side Rose Gardens always provide a beautiful backdrop.  Pick...

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #04

4 - Webster Street Stylish Skeleton This stylish Skeleton was hanging off the Webster Street sign For Fright Night 2007.  The Downtown Improvement District...

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #05

5 - Downtown Fort Wayne Skyline The Downtown Fort Wayne skyline as seen from the St. Mary's River and Spy Run Creek confluence.

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #06

6 - St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church The main entrance to St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #07

7 - The Tower The Lincoln Tower behind the Southwest corner of the Allen County Courthouse.

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #08

8 - Harrison Square Lake The downtown excavation for Harrison Square has filled with rain water.

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #09

9 - Fort Wayne Children's Zoo Fire and Bonus A fire broke out on November 2, 2007 in the African Safari Exhibit at the Fort...

Top 2007 AFW Photos – #10

We're in the home stretch of counting down to the Top 2007 AFW Photo.  The number one photo will be unveiled January 31, 2008. ...