FWPD: Shots fired at Glenbrook Mall

FWPD Fort Wayne Police Department

Fort Wayne Police Department news release:

Possible Armed Subject Investigation

Date: November 27, 2020

Time: 3:05 PM

Location: 4201 Coldwater Road


Shortly after 3:00 pm The Fort Wayne Police Department responded to a report of a party armed with a gun at Glenbrook Mall Located at 4201 Coldwater Road.

Officers were getting reports of possible shots being fired as well inside the mall that was a result of some type of altercation at the East end of the mall complex.

Initial Officers arriving on scene formed up and proceeded to the area they had been given as the location of the altercation and shots being fired and were unable to locate anyone or any evidence that would suggest that there had been shots fired at this location.

Communications was receiving multiple calls from employees as well as patrons inside the mall with information and they were passing all the additional information on to officers on scene.

Due to the fact that there had been some information received that at least one subject involved in this incident was possible hiding in a store it was decided that the Emergency Services Team and Crisis Response Team were called to the scene.

Officers on scene began to coordinate with arriving officers coming into the scene as to what was needed to assist in getting the patrons and employees safely out of the mall at this time. They were able to safely remove all patrons and employees from inside without incident.

Emergency Services Team members arrived on scene and started at the East end of the mall and cleared all the stores and areas of the mall as they worked through the mall checking for anyone else still inside or any possible armed subjects. Officers were also sent to the Mall Security Office and they looked at all security video footage of the incident and were able to observe the altercation and observe a subject involved in that altercation drop what possibly was a handgun on the ground. They were also able to verify that there was in fact no shots fired at any time during this altercation.

Emergency Services Team members cleared all the areas of the mall and deemed the mall safe and this information was passed on to Mall Management and they re-opened the mall at this point.

The Fort Wayne Police Department would like to thank the Patrons as well as the Employees of the mall for their cooperation in clearing the interior of the mall as well as the parking lots allowing Police and Fire Personnel to enter

This incident is being investigated by the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Assisting in this incident was the Fort Wayne Fire Department and the Three Rivers Ambulance Authority.

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