News conference on demonstrations

City news conference on downtown weekend demonstrations
Fort Wayne Police PIO Sofia Rosales-Scatena leads a news conference with public officials and public safety officers regarding the demonstrations in downtown Fort Wayne. Photo taken May 30, 2020.

Video from the City of Fort Wayne’s news conference regarding the downtown demonstration on Friday, May 29, 2020. Demonstrators were protesting the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota by Minneapolis Police on May 25, 2020. The demonstration turned violent as some demonstrators blocked an intersection, caused a wreck, threw water bottles at police officers and smashed multiple windows downtown.

Speakers include:

00:17 Fort Wayne Police PIO Sofia Rosales-Scatena
00:53 Fort Wayne Police Chief Steve Reed
02:22 Allen County Sheriff David Gladieux
04:26 Mayor Tom Henry
06:50 Pastor Luther Whitfield, Fort Wayne UNITED
08:52 Pastor Robert Bell, United Pastors of Fort Wayne
11:22 Iric Headley, Fort Wayne UNITED

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