City Council Agenda: 1/7/2019

The Fort Wayne City Council meets for the first meeting of the new term this evening.

Council representatives include:

  • 1st District: Paul Ensley
  • 2nd District: Russ Jehl
  • 3rd District: Tom Didier4th District: Jason Arp
  • 5th District: Geoff Paddock
  • 6th District: Sharon Tucker
  • At-Large: Michelle Chambers, Thomas Freistroffer, and Glynn Hines

The Meeting will then consist of:

  • Greeting from Mayor Tom Henry
  • Election of the Council President
  • Election of the Vice-President.
  • Committe Appointments
  • Appointment of councilpersons to various boards
  • Appointments of citizens to various boards

The full agenda may be downloaded here.

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