TinCaps to enhance Parkview Field experience in 2020

Parkview Field
Parkview Field. Photo courtesy of the TinCaps.

TinCaps to enhance Parkview Field experience in 2020
Team partners with Neoti and All Pro Integrated Systems for video upgrade

(October 7, 2019) – Monday afternoon, the City of Fort Wayne’s Redevelopment Commission approved funds from the Harrison Square Stadium Maintenance Fund to replace the original standard definition primary video board and two outfield-wall video boards at Parkview Field.

The Harrison Square Stadium Maintenance Fund is 100% funded by contributions from the TinCaps and Parkview Field. It consists of one half of the ballpark’s naming rights sponsorship from Parkview Health, $1.00 per ticket for paid events at Parkview Field, and other contributions from the TinCaps. The Fund does not include any citizen tax dollars or funding from the City of Fort Wayne and is in place specifically to maintain and enhance the experience at the ballpark.

“We had a good run with those video boards,” stated TinCaps President, Mike Nutter. “Over the course of almost 800 TinCaps games, and hundreds more non-baseball events, the boards had just run the course of their useful life. All three were a part of the ballpark’s original construction in 2008 and parts for maintenance have become nearly impossible to find. It was time to replace them, and we’re excited about the new possibilities for the fan experience with the upgrade to HD.”

The original boards, that are standard definition and 20mm technology, will be replaced with 10mm ultrabright HD displays from local partner, Neoti, based in Bluffton, Indiana.

“Neoti is excited to partner with the Fort Wayne TinCaps to upgrade the LED Displays at Parkview Field,” said Neoti President and CEO, Derek Myers. “Having completed projects throughout the nation, we are looking forward to a great new partnership right here in Northeast Indiana. We recognize the standard that has been set by the TinCaps and the City of Fort Wayne with Parkview Field, and it is our honor and goal to exceed expectations with our LED Video Display products and services.”

Another tech company with local ties will be involved in the project. All Pro Integrated Systems, owned by Chuck and Lisa Surack, who also own Sweetwater Sound and the Sweet Family of companies in Fort Wayne, will lead the installation of the video boards, as well as coordinate the upgrade of the video control room.

“We’ve been a part of a wide variety of audio and video projects across the United States, but this one is extra special,” said Don Banowetz, All Pro Integrated Systems President. “Parkview Field has established itself as one of the premier minor league ballparks in America, plus a staple of the Fort Wayne entertainment scene for the past 11 years. It is an integral part of the downtown experience so we are thrilled to be able to play a role in taking it to the next level. As a Sweetwater family company, we love that this is a project our co-workers in the community will experience for themselves by attending ballpark events. Upon the completion of this project, Parkview Field will once again be in a league of its own providing a best in class immersive fan experience.”

Now that the funds have been approved, final production and design of the video boards and control room can move forward. Visitors to Parkview Field will have to wait until the spring to see the old boards come down and new boards take their place. The TinCaps have hinted at even more possibilities in the works for HD displays for 2020.

“Now that we know 100% we can move forward with the replacement of the existing displays, we will continue working to see what other enhancements can be made,” said Nutter. “Neoti has a wide variety of LED display technology that could be deployed at Parkview Field, displays that would further improve the ballpark experience. That’s always the focus we have for TinCaps fans and all of the events we host, a top-level guest experience. Hardball Capital, the ownership group of the TinCaps, has always shown a willingness to invest in the facility and hold Parkview Field’s place as the number one Minor League Baseball ballpark experience in the country. It’s a way to give back to the fans and community that have supported us for all these years in Fort Wayne. We are excited to see what will come together and what new experiences we can offer fans for the 2020 season and beyond.”


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