All of Brown’s proposals pass the Senate


Liz Brown for US Congress


News release from the Liz Brown for Congress campaign:

All of Brown’s Legislative Proposals Pass the Indiana Senate

INDIANAPOLIS (February 3, 2016) – Liz Brown, candidate for Indiana’s Third Congressional District and Indiana Senator, introduced five bills in the Indiana Senate based on her pro-life and conservative values. Language from all five bills passed the Indiana Senate this week and will advance to the Indiana House.

“The 2016 session is a short session, but that didn’t stop me from getting things done in the first half of session,” said Brown. “I fought for my limited government, innovative solutions and pro-life proposals because that is what my constituents expected of me. I’m pleased these proposals have an opportunity to become law if passed by the Indiana House. I was a fighter for conservative principles when I served on the Fort Wayne City Council, I’m continuing to do that at the Statehouse, and if elected to Congress I will take that same fight to Washington.”

The measures introduced by Brown and passed by the Indiana Senate:

SB 280, transportation funding through tax increment financing, passed 43-7. This bill allows communities to redirect property tax revenue in a tax increment financing area to be voluntarily redirected to public and school transportation needs, all without increasing taxes.

SB 315, umbilical cord donation information, passed 49-0. This bill requires the State Department of Health to provide information on voluntary and free cord blood donation to entities that assist pregnant women. Cord blood stem cells offer a more ethical alternative to embryonic stem cells. Cord donation programs recognize that every child’s life is a treasure.

SB 366, evaluation of solid waste management districts, passed 37-13. This bill would reduce state overnight and increase local control of solid waste management districts.

SB 367, government contracts and political donations, passed 30-18. This bill would disqualify local government contractors from bidding or contracting if they make political donations to local elected officials tasked with awarding contracts.

Language from Brown’s SB 314, a bill to prevent a Planned Parenthood-type harvesting and trafficking of baby body parts scandal in Indiana, was amended into SB 313 in committee. SB 313, authored by Sen. Travis Holdman and Brown, passed 35-14. SB 313 bans abortions based on disability, gender, race and other demographic factors and encourages perinatal hospice care.

Additionally, a bill on property tax matters that includes an amendment by Brown passed 50-0. Senate Bill 308 was amended in committee to remove a requirement for mandatory verification of every taxpayer’s business personal property tax filing.


About Liz Brown
Liz Brown, a Republican, seeks to represent Indiana’s Third Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Brown currently serves Indiana Senate District 15 in the state legislature and is a former member of the Fort Wayne City Council. She has a long history of community involvement including roles with Boys and Girls Clubs, Cub Scouts, Parkview Hospital Ethics Committee, Notre Dame Club of Fort Wayne and various school boards. As a registered Civil and Domestic Mediator with her own mediation business, Liz maintains a number of associations in the legal field. Liz and her husband of 33 years, Steve, have seven children.


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