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News release from the City of Fort Wayne:

Mayor Henry recognizes 82 City employees for years of service

(December 17, 2015) – Mayor Tom Henry today hosted a special ceremony to recognize milestone years of service for 82 outstanding City of Fort Wayne employees.

“City employees set a great example each day of what it means to provide excellent service to the public,” said Mayor Henry. “As Mayor, I take great pride in their efforts and appreciate their commitment to meeting the needs of our community.”

The following individuals were honored today:

50 years

  • Gerald Mungovan, Police

40 years

  • Martin Bender, Police
  • Donald Grote, Police
  • Loretta Johnson, City Clerk
  • Michael McQueen, Police
  • Gary Merriman, City Utilities
  • Dianna Tinsley, Police

35 years

  • Bradley Baumgartner, Public Works
  • John Bell, Public Works
  • Steven Beverforden, Fire
  • Sharon Parks, Neighborhood Code
  • Johnnie Robinson, Jr., City Utilities

30 years

  • Joseph Bogdon, City Utilities
  • William Bragg, City Utilities
  • William Corn, Police
  • Frederick Davidson, Public Works
  • Carl Egly, Police
  • James Garrison, Fire
  • Peggy Gaskill, Police
  • Joan Guevara, City Utilities
  • Melanie Hickman, Police
  • Roderick Howard, Police
  • Richard Jennings, Police
  • Dennis Jines, Fire
  • Bruce Kelley, Police
  • James Kocks, Fire
  • David Meadows, Fire
  • Carl Moore, Police
  • Reginald Moore, Police
  • Jim Murua, Fire
  • Karl Niblick, Police
  • James Patterson, City Utilities
  • Ronald Privett, Fire
  • Randall Sadler, City Utilities
  • John Thorp, Fire
  • Susan Ulrich, Police
  • Michael Voorhies, Police
  • Richard Wharton, Police
  • Raymond Wigfield, Public Works
  • Dale Wilson, Police
  • Kevin Zelt, Police

25 years

  • Robert Abels, Police
  • John Bolinger, Fire
  • Rufus Brown, Police
  • Christine Camp, Police
  • Corey Carpenter, Fire
  • David Chrzan, Police
  • Linda Emenhiser, Parks
  • James Feasel, Police
  • Christopher Furge, Police
  • Alan Garriott, Police
  • Michele Gerke, City Utilities
  • Rodney Gibbs, City Utilities
  • Freddie Gray, City Utilities
  • Matthew Gray, Public Works
  • Jeffery Grundy, Public Works
  • Stephen Haffner, Police
  • Renee Hodgin, City Utilities
  • Bryan Keister, Parks
  • James King, Police
  • Matthew Kocks, Fire
  • Mary Boggs-Lambert, Public Works
  • Mark Lowden, Police
  • Russell McCurdy, Fire
  • Christopher Meihls, Police
  • Daniel Peters, Police
  • Robin Ramsey, Financial Services Group
  • Thomas Ransom, Parks
  • Carolyn Rice, City Utilities
  • James Ritchie, Police
  • Barbara Robbins, City Utilities
  • Miguel Rosales, Fire
  • John Sanders III, Public Works
  • John Schilt, Police
  • Christopher Schubert, Police
  • Brian Smith, City Utilities
  • Gregory Stier, Police
  • Jay Thompson, Police
  • Gary Wattenbarger, City Utilities
  • Gregory Weikart, Fire
  • Wesley Wiederkehr, Fire
  • Victoria Zehr, City Utilities



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