Wolf Corporation recognized as Allen County Waste Reduction and Recycling leader


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News release from the Allen County Solid Waste Management District:

Wolf Corporation recognized as Allen County Waste Reduction and Recycling leader

(August 19, 2015) – At their August 19 Excellence in Recycling Awards luncheon, the Allen County Solid Waste Management District honored Wolf Corporation for their outstanding leadership in waste reduction and recycling.



District Director Tony Burrus presented the Director’s Award to Wolf Corporation CEO Tony Wolf. The blue award made of recycled glass recognizes a business or company’s waste reduction efforts.

Waste reduction has always been top of mind at Wolf since the company started, as Wolf Corporation is truly a vertically integrated company. The on-site fiber division manufactures a variety of products that are used in Wolf mattresses and futons and are also sold to other manufacturers. Cotton fiber is collected from the ventilation system, manufacturing area, and scrap bins to be re-blended back into bedding material.

One of the biggest waste reduction accomplishments sited was the purchase of a cotton shredder and cotton baler. Now, scrap cotton can run through the shredder that feeds right into the baler. Then, baled cotton feeds right back into machines to run again, for internal use and even for retail customers.

The cotton baler also reduces waste as it provides the ability to cut back on purchasing cotton. Because Wolf can recycle and reuse the cotton that does not get used the first time, it reduces the need for raw material.

In recent years, “sustainability” has become a business buzzword but the need to address specific waste challenges is not new. Many local businesses want to reduce waste, be more environmentally responsible, or “go green”. The Solid Waste Management District of Allen County holds the Excellence in Recycling Awards each year to highlight the accomplishments of business leaders in reducing, reusing, and recycling. This year marks the event’s 23rd anniversary.

The District’s awards luncheon allows professionals to share tips on what has made their efforts successful and how to avoid pitfalls. As times change and new methods and technology become available, businesses can connect with knowledge and experience in order to meet their waste reduction goals


About the Allen County Solid Waste Management District
Established by the Indiana General Assembly in 1991, the Allen County Solid Waste Management District (ACSWMD) identifies and designs programs to educate and promote the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling to divert materials from landfills.

District events and programs are numerous and include: Tire Amnesty Day, Tox-Away Day, Christmas Tree Recycling, Electronics Recycling, Phone Book Recycling, and Backyard Composting Demonstration Sites. Educational services are available for residential, commercial and industrial audiences. In addition to education, the District provides business and local government with financial incentives to expand recycling and composting programs in Allen County.


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