Alexin expands product line with new equipment investment


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News release from Alexin, LLC.:

Alexin Expands Product Line with New Equipment Investment

Bluffton, IN (July 15, 2015) – Alexin LLC has recently purchased a Wagstaff 11″ billet casting system, which will be installed at their state-of-the-art aluminum casthouse. The $585,000 investment expands production capabilities, providing more opportunities to integrate LEED® certifiable aluminum billet with a fuller range of diameter supply.

“We pride ourselves on producing the best and broadest range of LEED® certified aluminum billet in the entire industry,” stated Paul Morris, vice president of sales and marketing. “Once the Wagstaff 11″ casting system is installed in December, we will have even more diameter options to better serve the marketplace.” The new system provides eight different diameter opportunities ranging from 7″ to 16″ in lengths of 20″ to 295″ finished product.

With the urgency to create eco-friendly products, Alexin’s highly efficient equipment reduces their carbon footprint while at least 80 percent of their final aluminum product is produced from recovered scrap. This four-to-one scrap-to-primary ratio meets extruders’ requirements for involvement in LEED’s Green Building System. To learn more about these industry experts, visit


Alexin LLC is a state-of-the-art aluminum billet extrusion casthouse located in Bluffton, Indiana. Founded in 2008, Alexin utilizes a high percentage of recycled aluminum to produce LEED® Certifiable billet. The entire facility is designed with maximum efficiency and sustainability in mind, from minimizing carbon emissions with a highly efficient natural gas system, to utilizing technologically advanced homogenizing ovens, high efficiency furnaces, and packaging lines. The fully automated casthouse offers aluminum extruders an unmatched breadth of soft alloy extrusion billet and logs in numerous lengths and diameters. Alexin has a capacity of 225 million pounds annually and currently employs over 80 team members. Find out more at


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