FWFD: House Fire, 6927 Embers Court


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News release from the Fort Wayne Fire Department:

House Fire, 6927 Embers Court

(June 6, 2015) – FWFD responded to an attic fire at the address and found smoke pushing from the gable vents. Occupants were awakened by the smoke and evacuated. FWFD completed a search of the structure, finding no occupants, and did locate the fire in the attic. The fire was quickly extinguished and many hours were spent removing the charred insulation from the fire area. Firefighters placed salvage tarps on the floor below the fire and gathered belongings to be covered with tarps as well. The insulation extractor from Engine 13 was used to suck the insulation out of the attic and leave it in large bags in the driveway of the home. The alternative would have been to pull all of the ceiling drywall in the area. Captain’s from E4 and E14 determined sucking out the insulation would be more work, and also it would be the best outcome for the home owner.



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