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News release from the Fort Wayne Community Schools:

FWCS Says Good-Bye to 99 retirees

(May 13, 2015) – Fort Wayne Community Schools will say good-bye to 99 retirees with nearly 2,600 combined years of service at the annual retirement dinner Thursday, May 14.

The district wishes the best to the teachers, bus drivers, classroom assistants, custodians, administrators and others who dedicated many years to making the lives of children better. The years of service for this year’s group of retirees range from 10 to 46, and each year made a difference to students.
The following are the retirees FWCS honors this year:

Name	              Position	                                 Years
Rita Turflinger	      Assistant Superintendent-Secondary          46
Patrick Riley	      P.E. Teacher, Lane Middle School	          43.5
Catherine Dinger      Assistant Financial Officer	          43
Dorothy Dixon	      Third-grade Teacher, Haley Elementary       42.5
Phyllis Brubaker      Kindergarten Teacher, Price Elementary      42
Carrie Moden	      English Teacher, Northrop High School       42
Jeffray Schneider     Math Teacher, Blackhawk Middle School       41
William Blosser	      Teacher, Ward Education Center	          40.5
Vinton Smith	      Transportation Supervisor	                  40
Christine Nagel	      5TH-grade Teacher, St. Joseph Centraly      39.5
Deborah Williams      Fourth-grade Teacher, Haley Elementary      39
Judith Platz	      Student Services Manager	                  38
Philip Didier	      Spanish Teacher, Wayne High School	  37
Louise Swihart	      Science Teacher, Lakeside Middle School	  37
Jessie Tarkington     Secretary, Health Services	          37
Andrea Herman	      Counselor, Northwood Middle School	  36
Kevin Amstutz	      Teacher, Holland Elementary	          34.5
Marcella Bordner      Clerk, Media Services	                  34.5
Craig Taylor	      English Teacher, Wayne High School	  34.5
Dennis Carrion	      Maintenance & Operations	                  33
Carol Anzalone	      LTV Programming Technician	          33
Vicki Messman	      Transportation Coordinator	          33
Donald Leitel	      Bus Driver	                          32
Tommie Williams	      Maintenance & Operations	                  31
Jamie Tomlinson	      Second-grade Teacher, Holland Elementary    31
Ellen Farmer	      Secretary, Shambaugh Elementary 	          31
Sue Michell	      Special Education Asst., Forest Park        30.5
Elizabeth Stilwell    First-grade Teacher, Shambaugh Elementary   30.5
Patricia Ramsey	      Cafeteria Mang., Jefferson Middle School 	  30
Debra Bryant	      5th-grade Teacher, Forest Park Elementary	  30
Katherine Senesac     Clerk, Franke Park Elementary               30
Georgia Brennan	      School Assistant, Shambaugh Elementary 	  30
Loristene Lamb	      School Assistant, Croninger Elementary	  29.5
Judy Land	      Transportation Manager	                  29.5
Jeffrey Halter	      Senior Network Technician, Technology       29
Angelia Love	      Math Teacher, Northrop High School 	  29
Rosemary Krull	      Interpreter, Lane Middle School 	          29
Estelle Griggs	      3rd-grade Teacher, Forest Park Elementary   28.5
Janice Hunter	      Science Teacher, Lakeside Middle School	  28.5
Michael Wiegmann      Maintenance & Operations Specialist	  28
Deborah Liddy	      School Assistant, Franke Park Elementary 	  28
Janice Bradley	      School Assistant, Waynedale Elementary	  28
Denise Watkins	      Art Teacher, Price Elementary	          27.5
Dolores Double	      School Assistant, Maplewood Elementary 	  26.5
Kathy Cummins	      Third-grade Teacher, Brentwood Elementary   26.5
Charlene Howard	      Cafeteria Cook, Lane Middle School	  26
Kim Waldschmidt	      Art Teacher, Memorial Park Middle School 	  26
Sheila McGarry	      English Teacher, North Side High School 	  25
Gail Stoner	      Teacher, St. Joseph Central Elementary 	  25
Elizabeth Eldridge    School Assistant, Jefferson Middle School   24.5
Michael Floyd	      English Teacher, South Side High School 	  24.5
Barbara Young-Miller  Resource Teacher, Croninger Elementary 	  24.5
Sharron Roddel        Clerk, Media Services 	                  24
Kathy Conely          Social Studies Teacher, Miami Middle        24
Kathryn Garrett	      Secretary, Psychological Services 	  23
Joan Runyan	      Kind. Teacher, St. Joseph Central           23
Philip Wyss	      Counselor, Portage Middle School	          23
Susan Stephenson      Budget Analyst	                          22.5
Renee Bodkin	      Special Education Asst., Glenwood Park      22.5
Penny Keuneke	      Teacher, Washington Center Elementary 	  22.5
Robin Drenning	      Bus Assistant	                          22
Margo Altevogt	      2nd-grade Teacher, Arlington Elementary 	  22
Catherine Hubbard     Secretary, Media Services                   22
Philip Ottenweller    Maintenance & Operations 	                  22
Deborah Silva	      Bus Driver	                          21.5
Barbara Blank	      Science Teacher, Wayne High School 	  21.5
Sharon Huls	      Language Arts, Memorial Park Middle         21.5
Judy Delamarter	      Secretary, Northrop High School 	          21
Linda Bradshaw	      Kindergarten Teacher, Haley Elementary	  21
Carol Queen	      Teacher, Ward Education Center 	          21
Ted Rupel	      Student Interventionist, Forest Park        21
Betty Buchler	      School Assistant, Haley Elementary	  20.5
Teresa McComb	      Student Interventionist, Holland            20
Linda Nix	      School Assistant, Croninger Elementary	  20
Susan Soden	      Reading Interven., St. Joseph Central       20
Dana Spaulding	      School Assistant, Forest Park Elementary 	  19.5
Elise Chang	      Second-grade Teacher, Harris Elementary	  19.5
Charles Brineman      Math Teacher, Northwood Middle School 	  18.5
Karen Yorio	      Transportation Supervisor 	          18
Mary Reser	      ELL Teacher, Washington Center Elementary   17.5
Cheryl A Leverton     School Assistant, Towles Intermediate       17.5
Sandra Klingler	      Cafeteria Asst., North Side High School 	  17
Connie Glassley	      5th-grade Teacher, Croninger Elementary 	  17
Robyn Shafer	      School Asst., St. Joseph Central            17
Crystal Bush	      Principal, Scott Academy 	                  16
Jean Wyss	      Teacher, Ward Education Center	          16
Paul LeClair	      Music Teacher, Adams Elementary 	          15.5
Judith Gerardot	      Early Childhood Education, Anthis Career    15
Barbara Johnson	      Special Education Teacher 	          15
Teresa Nagel	      Art Teacher, Kekionga Middle School	  15
Colleen Rines	      First-grade Teacher, Study Elementary 	  15
Dawn Earley	      School Assistant, Bunche Montessori         14.5
Carol Brockmeyer      Assistant Payroll Supervisor 	          14
Joseph Danys	      Bus Driver 	                          13
Charles Buerke	      School Asst., Glenwood Park Elementary 	  12
Rebecca Bradley	      FACS Teacher, Snider High School 	          11
Karen Malott	      Cafeteria Asst., South Side High School	  10.5
Bonnie Webb	      School Assistant, Shambaugh Elementary	  10.5
Edward Richardson     Bus Driver	                          10


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