Click It or Ticket campaign begins tomorrow


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News release from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

Click It or Ticket campaign begins tomorrow

(May 13, 2015) – Beginning on Friday May 15, 2015 officers of the Allen County Traffic Safety Partnership (which is made up of the Fort Wayne, Allen County and New Haven Police Departments) will be patrolling their respective jurisdictions looking for drivers and passengers who are in violation of the State’s Passenger and Child Restraint laws.

The purpose of this initiative which is known this time of year as the “Click It or Ticket” campaign is to insure that all motorists and their passengers traveling the roadways of our community get to their destination safely. With High School Prom season in full swing and thoughts of summer vacation right around the corner, it is very important that everyone wear their seatbelt and those young enough to be in a car seat or child booster seat, be properly secured.

What few people know is that the likelihood of injury from even a minor or low speed crash increases greatly if the occupant is not secured. Think about it like going out for a run and running into a stone pillar. Now do that at say 30 miles per hour. That is similar to the effect of hitting the windshield, steering wheel, or even the person in front of you, if you are unrestrained in a vehicle and involved in a crash.

Again, we are asking that you please buckle up. Do it not for us, but for yourself and for your family.


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