Election Board meets tomorrow to decide challenge in City Clerk’s race

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Last week, the Allen County Election Board met to decide on a challenge to Democratic candidate in the City Clerk’s race Brian Thornton.

In a challenge, issued by Bev Zuber, who is the Wayne Township Assessor, she alleged that Thornton had not voted as a Democrat in previous elections, nor had he submitted a letter from Allen County Democratic Party Chairman John Court as required by law. The board also heard challenges to other candidates last Wednesday, but in this matter, gave a continuance to candidate Thornton so he could engage legal counsel.

On Thursday afternoon last week, Thornton posted a copy of a letter to the Allen County Election Board on his Facebook page, via slideshare. In the letter, he wrote:

Candidate’s response in opposition to candidate filing challenge

After careful consideration with Ind. Leg. Code (IC 3-13-1-7(b)(2)), I provide this body and any other interested party my formal withdraw and removal from the ballot as an Election Candidate for 2015 Fort Wayne City Clerk.

The official deadline to withdraw from the election was February 9, 2015.

The Allen County Election Board is still scheduled to meet tomorrow at noon in room 419 of the Rousseau Centre. At this point, the only recourse left to the Board is to remove Thornton from the ballot, regardless of his request to withdraw.

Yesterday, Thornton filed a change of address with Allen County Voter Registration to an address outside of the city limits and filed another withdrawal with the Election Board based on this move outside the election district.


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