Allen County Election Board removes 1 from ballot, continues another motion


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From Beth Dlug, executive director of the Allen County Elections:

Demoratic mayoral candidate John Roberson was taken off the ballot by the Allen County Election Board because he voted in the Republican primary in 2014 and did not attach a letter from the Democratic Chair certifying that he was a member of the Democratic party.

Democratic City Clerk candidate Brian Thornton asked for a continuance on the challenge to remove him from the ballot, and it was granted. We will hear his case next Wednesday, at noon, in room 419 of the Rousseau Centre.


The challenge to John Roberson was brought by Democratic mayoral candidate David Roach who also brought other unsuccessful challenges to several other candidates. Those candidates included democrat mayoral candidates: Tom Cook, incumbent Mayor Tom Henry, and Rick Stevenson; Republican mayoral candidate Bill Collins; Democrat City Council at-large candidates Dan Lobdell, Kevin Brown and Tommy Schrader; Democrat 4th District Council candidate and current City of Fort Wayne Safety Director Rusty York.

The challenge to Brian Thornton was filed by Democrat Bev Zuber who is also the Wayne Township Assessor.


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