City skating ponds are closed


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News release from Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation:

City skating ponds are closed

(January 13, 2015) – The skating ponds at Lakeside, East Swinney, Franke and Reservoir Parks will remain closed. Signs prohibiting skating will be posted at all of the ponds, along with the red lights and flags already displayed.

More reliable ice is available at Headwaters Park during public skating hours. These public skating times are subject to change due to special events, rentals and holidays. Also, sledding is available on hills at Franke, Shoaff and Reservoir Parks.

“We made the decision to keep the ponds closed after careful consideration, with the safety of our citizens in mind,” said Parks & Recreation Director Al Moll. “There are many environmental factors that influence ice quality, including fluctuating temperatures, snow, rain, wind and water movement. We don’t have available staff or funding to monitor ice conditions at the level needed to ensure that no one will fall through. The other issue is that we have bank stabilization projects underway at Lakeside and Swinney that we don’t want compromised.”

Stay safe this winter by following the rules and guidelines of the City and the Parks and Recreation Department.


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