YLNI provides update on outcomes of My City Summit: Connect & Thrive


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News release from the Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI):

YLNI provides update on outcomes of My City Summit: Connect & Thrive

(August 22, 2014) – In April, Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI) held My City Summit: Connect & Thrive. Over 200 young leaders and established community leaders came together focused on openness: how to break down barriers, create connections to increase attachment, and ultimately increase our economic outlook. My City Summit: Connect & Thrive allowed participants to make new introductions and connections, discuss courageous leadership for social progress and explore how engagement and attachment impact economics and place.

YLNI honored Ian Rolland, former Chairman and CEO of Lincoln National Corporation, with the Courageous Leadership Award for his defining example of such leadership. The Summit concluded with “The Power of Place: How Engagement, Happiness and Attachment Could Shape the Midwestern City.” This presentation illustrated what engagement, happiness and attachment could mean to the continued revitalization of Downtown Fort Wayne. The research commissioned by YLNI is presented in a white paper and can be found at www.ylni.org/projects/my-city-summit-2014.

Attendees had the opportunity to submit ideas to bring the community together, build connections and improve attachment to the Fort Wayne area. YLNI has committed to allocating a portion of organizational funding and logistical support for those willing to champion the following concepts:

  • “Pick a fight” with another city, or a friendly philanthropic competition.
  • Bring a flagship retail store of a preeminent Fort Wayne business to Downtown Fort Wayne.
  • Work with local government & businesses to encourage a form of downtown transportation.
  • Hold community gathering through movies in our parks.

Not only is YLNI hoping individuals from the Summit begin to explore how these four ideas could shape our community, but also several other organizations, like the Millennial Leaders Alliance and more, have already begun discussions on exploring some of the other great notions generated from attendees.

For a complete summary of the My City Summit, the ideas generated from it and the progress happening to increase attachment and openness in our community click here.


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