Environmentally responsible roofing solution chosen for Jennings Center

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News release from Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation:

Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department Chooses Environmentally Responsible Roofing Solution

(May 12, 2014) – As part of their commitment to be an environmentally responsible part of the community, the Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department chose to replace the old, worn roof on the Albert G. Jennings Center with a roof that will clean the air.

“When it was time to replace Jennings Center’s roof, it was decided that the new roof system should not only provide high performance waterproofing, but also be consistent with the city’s emphasis on green practices,” said Parks & Recreation Director Al Moll. “With that goal in mind, the project was approached from an environmentally conscious perspective. As a result, the Jennings Center’s new roof will actually help to clear pollution from the air.”

The two-ply SBS-modified bitumen roof membrane installed on the Jennings Center is manufactured by Siplast, the developer of SBS-modified bitumens and a recognized leader in the commercial roofing industry. The system features Siplast’s Eco-Activ® cap sheet. Eco-Activ is surfaced with Noxite® roofing granules. Siplast Noxite Granules increase the speed of degradation of nitrous oxides (NOx). NOx are irritating gases that are harmful to health and facilitate the formation of low-level ozone, increasing the greenhouse effect. By acting as a photocatalyst, Noxite accelerates the transformation of NOx molecules into harmless molecules. By-products from the decomposition of NOx molecules are carried away by rainwater, and have no measurable impact on the quality of run-off water.

Yearly, 20,000 square feet of Siplast Eco-Activ membrane surfaced with Noxite Granules consume the NOx molecules released by 50 passenger cars or light trucks driven 11,000 miles each.* Siplast has achieved a UL Environment claim validation for Eco-Activ Roof Membrane’s ability to remove an estimated 417- 4,143 G NOx per roofing square over 20 years.

For more information on Siplast Eco-Activ Roof Membranes, call 1-800-922-8800 or visit www.siplast.com.

For more information on the Albert G. Jennings Center, visit www.fortwayneparks.org.

*Based on studies using estimated conditions (sunlight, humidity, and NOx) for Los Angeles, and mileage of the average U.S. household vehicle (11,300 miles).

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