House Bill 1318 – Allen County Single County Executive

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An e-mail from Greater Fort Wayne Inc.:

House Bill 1318 – Allen County Single County Executive

Dear Greater Fort Wayne Inc. Investors,

(February 27, 2014) – House Bill 1318 was amended in committee on Monday to include the ability for Allen County residents to vote on an Allen County Single County Executive. This issue is one of our TOP PRIORITIES AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Opponents of the bill are already flooding the inboxes and phone lines of our Northeast Indiana delegation asking them to oppose the bill. They are pressuring our regional leaders to maintain the status quo by defeating HB1318. If we are to be successful in our effort, we need your voice to be heard.


Call and email your Northeast Indiana House Delegation member!!

We have included a list of contact information for all our legislators. We encourage you to contact them and URGE them to support the bill in its current form. Please feel free to reach out to more than one House and Senate member.

The issues to emphasize with the elected officials at the Statehouse:

  • It is NOT a mandate
  • It is Allen County only
  • It makes government more efficient and accountable
  • A business would never be run by three equal leaders
  • Please continue to support this language as it comes back to the House of Representatives (if communicating with House Members)
  • Please support this language in the Senate on Monday (if communicating with Senate Members)
  • Our organization would greatly appreciate your support on this matter
  • This bill gives Allen County voters the CHOICE of what type of government they feel works best for them

Please feel free to write your own letter using the contact information below or utilize our Action Alert letter on our website at, please click on “Take Action”.

Northeast Indiana Senators:

Senator Jim Banks,, 317.232.9808
Senator Sue Glick,, 317.232.9493
Senator Travis Holdman,, 317.232.9807
Senator Dennis Kruse,, 317.232.9443
Senator David Long,, 317.232.9416
Senator Ryan Mishler,, 317.232.0930
Senator Tom Wyss,, 317.232.9807
Senator Carlin Yoder,, 317.232.9984
Representative Martin Carbaugh,, 317.232.9643
Representative Casey Cox,, 317.232.9769
Representative Phil GiaQuinta,, 317.232.9834
Representative Kathy Heuer,, 317.232.9647
Representative Rebecca Kubacki,, 317.232.9678
Representative Matt Lehman,, 317.234.9499
Representative Dan Leonard,, 317.232.9793
Representative Bob Morris,, 317.234.3827
Representative David Ober,, 317.232.9643
Representative Ben Smaltz,, 317.232.9648
Representative, David Wolkins,, 317.232.9816

If you receive a reply to your communication or have any questions, please forward it Katy Stafford-Cunningham (

For your convenience, I have included the following points on the bill for better understanding:

What the bill does:

  • Places a referendum on the ballot allowing Allen County voters to decide whether to adopt a single county executive model of County Government
  • If the referendum is passed, it would transfer legislative powers to the County Council
  • In addition, if the referendum passes, Council districts would become nine single county districts
  • If the referendum passes, voters would elect the single county executive following two general elections
  • Gives voters the CHOICE to adopt a single county executive model
  • Provides better representation by Council members because the districts are smaller in population

What the bill does NOT do:

  • The bill does not pertain to any county other than Allen and we wish to keep it that way.
  • The bill does not mandate a change to a single county executive model or to a seven single member Council model.

Thank you for your consideration and support.


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