Winter Weather Preparedness Week – November 17-23, 2013

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News release from INDOT:

Winter Weather Preparedness Week – November 17-23, 2013

(November 13, 2013) – The unofficial start of Winter came raining down this week for many across Indiana. But are you ready? The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) wants you to BE PREPARED. And there’s no better time to take action than during the upcoming Winter Weather Preparedness Week, November 17-23.

INDOT’s top winter priority is snow and ice removal, and we use all available resources to keep roads open, maximize the mobility of the traveling public, and minimize accidents due to winter traveling conditions. But the biggest impact to safe winter travel begins and ends with driver behavior. That’s why INDOT will help folks to Be Prepared during Winter Weather Preparedness Week by debuting new winter weather videos on the INDOT YouTube channel, posting informational “Did You Know” Winter Facts on INDOT Facebook and Twitter pages, holding media events, and more.

How can drivers prepare when winter weather hits?

Be Prepared

  • Know the condition of the roads (Check INDOT Facebook and Twitter pages or TrafficWise)
  • Plan extra travel time to get to your destination
  • Clear off your vehicle completely before hitting the road (not just the windshield)
  • Accelerate gradually and brake early to avoid slipping and sliding
  • Be alert and give other drivers plenty of room
  • Give INDOT plow crews room to work. It’s a difficult job and they’re on the road 24 hours a day to keep you safe. Stay back, slow down, and watch for plows making sudden stops or turns

INDOT Is Prepared for Winter

  • Snow/ice removal crews on the job 24 hours a day
  • Hundreds of snow routes on 30,000 lanes miles of road statewide
  • Clearing roads by any means necessary, from plowing and salting, to spraying brine and de-icers
  • High tech and scientific weather prediction, utilizing a partnership with Purdue University, specialized statewide forecasts designed for INDOT, and local forecasts
  • Extensive plow driver training, both on the roads and in the classroom, learning the science of snow removal
  • Equipment to get the job done, including enough salt to get us through the worst winter

DID YOU KNOW? – Drivers can monitor road conditions across the state anytime, day or night, by logging on to The website is updated during snow events to inform drivers whether road conditions are good, fair, or difficult. Or get winter safety tips at

DID YOU KNOW? – INDOT’s six district Facebook and Twitter pages keep folks updated anywhere in the state on changing road conditions, snow plow progress, accidents, and more. Just “like” and follow us for the latest updates, pictures, and video.

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