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Citizen-Match Ash Tree Removal Program

(April 3, 2013) – Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Director Al Moll was joined by Councilman Russ Jehl today to announce the new City of Fort Wayne Citizen-Match Ash Tree Removal Program.

Although over 8,500 dead ash trees have been removed from the right of way in the City’s residential areas, there are still 5,000 more that need to be cut down and the process could take years to complete. Citizens who would like their tree removed immediately may hire a bonded and insured contractor and the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department will reimburse the citizen a portion of the cost, per the City reimbursement rate:

The Ash Tree Removal Application is located at and the following guidelines apply to all submissions:

  • Applicant must be owner of property where tree(s) is located.
  • The City of Fort Wayne will not remove trees on private property.
  • The ash tree(s) cannot be a tree that is currently on the contracted removal list.
  • Applicant is responsible for securing an estimate from a bonded and insured contractor.
  • Applicant and/or contractor shall agree to remove the tree(s) and stump(s) per The City of Fort Wayne specifications provided with the application.
  • The applicant and/or contractor shall be responsible for the marking of all utilities prior to removing the stump.
  • The applicant and/or contractor will be responsible for any and all damage(s) to public and/or private property.
  • The applicant is responsible for providing a paid invoice to the Parks and Recreation Department to be eligible for reimbursement. Reimbursement will be issued after the site passes inspection and is compliant to the terms and specifications.
  • Staff member from the Parks and Recreation Department will confirm the tree species (Ash only), location, and measurement prior to approval.

“This shared cost opportunity is a win/win for the City as well as citizens,” said Councilman Jehl. “It empowers citizens to choose their own timeline to have their tree removed at a reduced price, and it will speed up the process of clearing out the dead trees in our neighborhoods.”

Beginning April 9th, residents may also apply for a street tree, which the City would plant this fall adjacent to their property, on the street right of way.

This year the cost of the street tree program is $50, reduced from last year’s price of $75, so that more residents can be accommodated. The Parks & Recreation Department will cover the remaining amount for each tree. Please note that City funding shortfalls may not allow approval of all applications, however, citizens have the option of providing the total cost.

Applicants who are approved will receive a shade tree with a 2-inch diameter trunk, 8 – 14 feet tall, depending on the variety. Residents will be provided a list of trees and may choose the variety they think will grow best, look best and coordinate best with other trees on their street, or they can ask the Parks & Recreation Department for a recommendation.

For more information, or to download an application form, visit or call 427-6400.


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