Indiana Senate passes legislation to improve college affordability

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News release from Indiana State Senator Jim Banks (R-17th):

Sen. Banks: Senate Passes Legislation to Improve College Affordability

STATEHOUSE (February 26, 2013) – Legislation authored by State Sen. Jim Banks (R-Columbia City) to improve college affordability and efficiency passed the Senate today by a unanimous vote.

Senate Bill 182 would build on Indiana’s recent policies to improve the transferability of college credits, so that students have every possible opportunity to get a more affordable, timely degree.

The bill requires the Indiana Commission for Higher Education and state colleges to develop policies that allow students who earn a two-year associate degree to transfer their credits to a related four-year bachelor’s degree program at the same status as a junior.

“My legislation will give students more flexibility in their college education, so that fewer Hoosiers spend years in college without a degree to show for it,” Banks said. “Students can go for a two-year degree so they earn a credential more quickly and affordably. Then, if they decide to further their education later, they will be able to count every single credit they’ve already earned toward a four-year degree. With the cost of tuition at the level it is, this could save as much as 40 percent of the cost of a bachelor’s degree.”

SB 182 now heads to the House of Representatives for further consideration. Reps. Mike Karickhoff (R-Kokomo) and Robert Behning (R-Indianapolis) are its sponsors.

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