Tuthill introduces only digital pump meter

900DP Million Gallon Meter

News release from the Tuthill Corporation:

The Million Gallon Meter – Fill-Rite Introduces the Fuel-Transfer Industry’s First UL Approved Digital Meter with Pulser and Barrier Together

(February 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/) – Fill-Rite, the industry leader in fuel transfer pumps, meters and accessories, has released the 900DP; the first and only digital meter with integral pulser and matched intrinsically safe barrier.

“Our industry has needed this for some time,” said Bob Hunt, Sales Manager at Gasoline Equipment Service Company Inc., “A digital meter with built-in pulser and intrinsically safe barrier in one package is the best metering option for customers with fuel management systems.”

The 900DP’s pulser is engineered for the latest fuel management systems. The intrinsically safe barrier provides the connections, controls the pulse transfer, and best of all, allows the 900DP to operate in explosive atmospheres. The barrier converts external power from AC or DC sources for meter power, and the meter uses two standard alkaline “AA” batteries for backup. This unique electrical design means the batteries will last up to four years with normal use. In addition to these specifically engineered features, the meter boasts convenience features like a large, backlit display for easy viewing, and a “Deep Sleep” mode that further extends battery life.

Incorporating state-of-the-art electronics wasn’t the only major breakthrough in the design of the 900DP. Engineers wanted nothing short of making it the most durable meter on the market. Metering pulses are transferred via magnetic coupling, an innovative design that means there are no dynamic seals to wear and cause leaks. Where seals are necessary, engineered Fluoroelastomer is used.

“We have a 900DP in our lab with over 1.5 million gallons pumped through it with no overhaul” and it’s still on the original batteries,” stated Craig Cavanaugh, Chief Design Engineer. “Over two years of development went into the 900DP. UL approval was our goal from the start, and the result is a truly exceptional meter.” The end result is a meter engineered to deliver accurate, durable service for years that exceeds the rigid standards set forth by UL, cUL, ATEX, and IECEx.


Tuthill Corporation is a diversified global manufacturing company, developing and supplying industrial products for value-minded customers in over 150 regions. The Fort Wayne manufacturing facility builds Fill-Rite and Sotera branded fuel and chemical transfer pumps, meters and accessories. These brands are recognized internationally for superior quality and performance.


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