Citilink requests comments on proposed service changes

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News release from Citilink:

Citilink requests comments on proposed service changes

In preparation for the move to the new Citilink Central Station, at the corner of Calhoun and Baker Streets, Citilink is accepting comment on proposed route adjustments that will be necessary. Downtown travel patterns will change for every route that provides transfer opportunities downtown. Several routes have been modified to allow for the extra time it will take to travel to the new station on the south side of downtown. In developing these proposed revisions every effort has been made to minimize the negative impact and incorporate changes to improve service for Citilink riders; however, comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Detailed descriptions of service changes by route and maps showing these proposed changes are located on the Citilink website and can be emailed upon request. These will also be available for review at the public meetings listed below.

The Fort Wayne Public Transportation Corporation/Citilink will host the following community information sessions:

[list type=”blue”]
[li]Monday, July 9, 6:45-8:30am & 3:45-5:30pm Citilink Superior Street Transfer Facility[/li]
[li]Tuesday, July 10, 5:00 – 7:30pm, Downtown Public Library, 900 Library Plaza, 2nd Floor Technology Room.[/li]
[li]Thursday, July 12, 3:00-5:00, Public Hearing, Citilink Administrative Offices, 801 Leesburg Road[/li]

In addition to these sessions the public is invited to attend Citilink Board Meetings on July 12 at 5:30pm, Citilink Administrative Offices, 801 Leesburg Road.

It is anticipated that service changes will be made in conjunction with the opening of the Citilink Central Station on, or soon after, September 14, 2012.

Input and suggestions are invited at the meetings or can be addressed to Betsy Kachmar, Assistant General Manager, 432-4977, by July 11, 2012.


Proposed Route Change Summary 6/21/12

In preparation for the opening of the new Citilink Central Station on September 14th, all routes going downtown will change the way they go through the downtown area to the new Citilink Station at Baker Street & Calhoun. See downtown detail map for proposed changes. See also the new proposed system routes map.

[list type=”blue”]
[li]Route 1/1a Waynedale – would not pull into Foster Park Plaza – Route 9 will[/li]
[li]Route 1/1a Northcrest – alternate stops into Farrington & River Cove Apts every other hour[/li]
[li]Route 2 Time Corners – only downtown changes[/li]
[li]Route 2 Georgetown – loop using Reed to Lake not Trier[/li]
[li]Route 3 Canterbury – remove loop through Canterbury Marketplace ends at Roebuck/remove loop into Kettler Hall[/li]
[li]Route 3 Village Woods – considering loop to cover Wayne Trace/Tillman/Hessen Cassel (3 month demo)[/li]
[li]Route 4 Wells Ludwig – remove 3X/day deviation to ITT/Cook Rd/changes route through Meijer plaza on outbound[/li]
[li]Route 4 Parkview – Coliseum to Vance to Hobson (Route 2 will serve Snider HS)[/li]
[li]Route 5 – No change, does not go downtown[/li]
[li]Route 6 McKinnie – remove GTE/Frontier deviation add Oxford/Anthony loop[/li]
[li]Route 6 Franke Park – removes Centlivre/Glenbrook Mall loop and adds Executive/Progress loop formerly included on Route 9 (AWS) and Sherman on the outbound[/li]
[li]Route 7/7a Anthony/Oxford/Creighton – no change (previously changed exit from Southtown Centre to better serve South Anthony)[/li]
[li]Route 8 Calhoun – only downtown changes[/li]
[li]Route 8 Glenbrook – turn around at Westfield (across from Northrup) instead of DiSalle[/li]
[li]Route 9 St. Francis – does not go to Elmhurst HS turns at Sandpoint return via Kyle & Three Oaks[/li]
[li]Route 9 Brooklyn/Taylor – does not go to AWS – route 6 will[/li]
[li]Route 10 New Haven – remove Green/Powers/Broadway loop add Short/Hartzell/Green loop[/li]
[li]Route 21 – minor changes to alternate stops, does not go downtown[/li]
[li]Route 22 – No change, does not go downtown[/li]
[li]Route 98 – campusLink – considering stop at Walb Student Union, does not go downtown[/li]


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