2012 City Council redistricting update

City of Fort Wayne Seal

News release from the Fort Wayne City Council:

2012 City Council redistricting update

The 2012 Redistricting Map and accompanying demographics are on the City Council’s website.

While the time for citizen comment to offer alternative map configurations has passed, citizens are welcome to view the map and data which has been recommended to City Council. There is a link to comment for those who would choose to do so.

The final City Council vote to accept the 2012 map will be taken at the Council’s Regular Session on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. Only nine voting precincts were moved to balance the district populations, with the majority of changes made in the central part of the city (4 precincts moved out of the 3rd District and into the 5th). All registered voters in precincts that have moved into a new district will receive information regarding their new voting precinct from the Allen County Election Board. The map will remain as configured until the next redistricting, presumably the decennial mandate in 2022.


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