On strength of academic improvements, Tony Bennett renominated to seek a second term

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News release from the Bennett for Indiana committee:

On Strength of Academic Improvements, Tony Bennett Renominated to seek a Second Term
Indiana Republicans renominated Dr. Tony Bennett today for a second term as Indiana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction.

(June 9, 2012) – “Once again we renew our efforts to share a positive vision for the future of education in Indiana. We have seen progress across the board in the past three years, and I’m excited about the opportunity to do more for Hoosier families and students.”

Since Dr. Bennett was first elected in 2008, academic progress has continued to increase. Indiana set an all-time record high school graduation rate in 2011. Students have improved three years running on the state’s assessments, and with nearly 14% of students passing advanced placement exams, Indiana now ranks 2nd in the entire nation for improvement over the last two years.

“Through the hard work of our students and educators, Indiana is leading America’s education comeback. We’ve worked hard to ensure every classroom has a great teacher, all children learn to read and all students have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential,” Bennett said. “As a result, more students are graduating high school than ever before and we’re seeing dramatic improvements in every area of student performance.”

Spencer Lloyd, Choir Teacher at Manual High School, agrees. Serving as a state delegate from Johnson County, he brought Dr. Bennett’s nomination forward to Indiana’s Republican delegation.

“Tony Bennett isn’t afraid to make tough decisions that put our students first. We’re all better off for his bold, unwavering leadership and I’m proud to support him for re-election,” Lloyd said.

For more information please visit www.TonyBennett2012.com.

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