“Vote Gina Burgess” launches bipartisan committee

Gina Burgess for Allen County Council

News release from the Vote Gina Burgess committee:

“Vote Gina Burgess” launches bipartisan committee

(February 20, 2012) – On Friday, February 17th advocate-turned-candidate Gina Burgess filed paperwork with the Allen County Election Board confirming the formation of her political committee, “Vote Gina Burgess.” While the filing is a standard election requirement, in an unusual move she purposefully created a bipartisan committee by appointing a Democrat and a Republican to the positions of Committee Chairperson and Committee Treasurer, respectively. “I want to be a different kind of candidate and I want to run a different kind of campaign, one where everyone can be included regardless of political experience or affiliation.”

Democrat Michelle Hill will serve as the Committee Chairperson. She is a stay-at-home married mother of two children. Her husband, David Hill, was the postal carrier who came forward last Spring to affirm the seven-year residency of Tommy Schrader, the city council candidate who was removed from last November’s ballot. Mr. Hill is a member of the local United Postal Workers union and the Indiana Masons. Mr. and Mrs. Hill are both actively involved with the local Miszpah Shriners. Mrs. Hill is a political outsider and this is her first foray into the political arena.

Speaking to the inexperience of her Committee Chairperson, Burgess stated, “I wanted someone who had the time to put forth the efforts required of the job, someone who I know would have my back, and someone that would bring forth the kind of political perspective that can only come with inexperience. Most people who vote tend to vote solely on name recognition or factors other than a candidate’s qualifications and capabilities. Michelle serves as the personification of the typical Allen County voter.”

When asked why get involved in politics, Mrs. Hill stated, “Last year, Gina worked hard to protect the integrity of the political process. She stood up for someone when no one else would, purely for the principle of the matter. She’s the kind of person we all want and need in office. Last year, she stood alone. She’s not going to stand alone this year.”

Republican James McCoy will serve as the Committee Treasurer. He is the owner of McCoy Financial, LLC. Unlike Mrs. Hill, McCoy is an experienced political insider who has ran for office, has worked with the Allen County Republican Party, and has helped local GOP candidates campaign. Explaining why a Republican would get involved in the campaign of a Democrat, McCoy stated, “Gina isn’t your typical political candidate. She’s challenged her own party. She’s challenged the Allen County Election Board. She has a pretty good understanding of election rules and law, but she has no experience in dealing with the complexities of campaign finance regulations. As a first-time candidate, she’s at the greatest risk for running into a campaign finance problem or making a campaign finance mistake. I just wanted to do what I could to make sure she had someone who could advise her on such situations, should they come up.”

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