Peters announces re-election bid

Nelson Peters for Allen County Commissioner campaign sign.

News release from the Nelson Peters campaign:

County Commissioner, Nelson Peters announces re-election bid

(February 9, 2012) – On Thursday, February 9, 2012, surrounded by friends, family and supporters, Nelson Peters announced his bid for another term as Allen County Commissioner, 1st-district. Peters will be completing his second term as Allen County Commissioner, at the end of 2012. He previously served for 10 years on the Allen County Council and has business interests within the community.

Peters has helped to lead a resurgence in economic development projects in Allen County totaling $500,000,000 in 2011. Some of these projects include; a new Steel Dynamics plant, the expansion of General Mills; the largest current concrete project in the country, the expansion of Vera Bradley, a $275,000,000 investment by General Motors and the re-location of Franklin Electric’s world headquarters.

Peters has also been credited with having been the architect for the Emergency Management/Homeland Security mergers as well as the 911/Communications department and the integration of the Department of Planning Services and the consolidation of the City of Ft. Wayne and Allen County Geographic Information System and Information Technology Boards.

Peters cited the need to continue to improve the business climate in Allen County as the main reason in running for another term. He stated, “My priorities over the next four years will include; continuing to help lead economic development efforts in this county, working to move our local wage rates 10% closer to the national average over the next four years, assisting with the finalization of a long-term economic development strategy for Allen County, completing the automation of permitting processes for businesses and finishing the integration of city and county departments where it makes the most sense. In attaining these lofty objectives, the citizens of Allen County will realize a marked improvement of their quality of life in the community.”

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