FWPD: Critical Injury Accident investigation

Fort Wayne Police Department

News release from the Fort Wayne Police Department:

Critical Injury Accident

Date/Time of Incident: February 10th, 2012 9:29pm

Location of Incident: E. Creighton Ave. and S. Clinton St

Victim: Adult Male (Critical but Stable Condition)

At 9:29pm on February 10th, 2012, The Fort Wayne Police Department responded to the intersection of S. Clinton St. and E. Creighton Ave. on a report of a personal injury accident. Upon arrival, first responders discovered a male subject who was the diver and sole occupant of an SUV to be in critical condition, and he was transported to a local hospital.

It is believed the SUV was traveling southbound after possibly being involved in an accident at S. Clinton St. and Murray St. and as the vehicle continued southbound at a very high rate of speed it struck a concrete barrier wall and street sign at the intersection of S. Clinton St. and E. Creighton Ave. Witnesses reported that the vehicle became airborne, landing just south of the intersection, at which time the vehicle burst into flames. A nearby resident, hearing the crash, responded to the scene and found the vehicle to be on fire. He approached the vehicle and found the single occupant to still be in the driver’s seat, and pulled the driver out of the burning vehicle to safety. With the help of other witnesses, they were able to extinguish the fire on the man’s clothing and assisted the driver until medics and fire personnel arrived. The driver was then transported to a local hospital in critical condition. It is believed at this time that had it not been for the immediate actions of the resident, the driver could have perished in the vehicle.

Investigators believe speed to be a factor in this accident, and weather conditions a minor contributing factor. Other possible contributing factors remain under investigation.

Southbound traffic was closed on S. Clinton St at E. Dewald St, and east/west traffic was closed on E. Creighton Ave at S. Clinton St. and S. Barr St.

This incident remains under investigation by the Fort Wayne Police Department Fatal Alcohol Crash Team (F.A.C.T.), and the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Assisting Agencies: City of Fort Wayne Fire Department, Three Rivers Ambulance Authority

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