Ahrendt proposes ‘beer summit’

Haley4Mayor campaign sign.

News release from the Haley for Mayor campaign:

Haley Ahrendt has invited Mayor Henry and Fellow candidate Paula Hughes to a beer summit

One of the best things to come from the Obama administration is the beer summit. Says Haley Ahrendt.

No campaign staff, no microphones, no apologies, just a private conversation between three people who care about the city and its welfare.

One of us is going to be elected to the office and will need the support of the other two candidates to keep the city moving forward; hopefully it will also clear up any ill feelings.

An olive branch, it’s not the pledge card or the marriage counselor approach, but I think it will be a good to start the healing for the citizen.

If they agree to the meeting we will disclose the time and location. (I ask for Monday evening)

copy of invite:

Fellow Mayoral candidates:

I would like to invite you to a beer summit. President Obama started the beer summit at the White House when the air needs to be cleared.

No staff, no phones, no apologies, no press statements about what was discussed, just the three of us sitting down to clear the air privately, enjoying a nice cold beer. We will allow press to photograph the start of it and that is it. My hope is that when we are done we can at least agree to disagree and start dialog for support, an olive branch. I also think the citizens would like to see this happen.

I’m hoping that this will also start the healing and the end of the divide between the two parties.

Open to the location and time, I would prefer Monday night around 7 if that works with the two of you.

With the most regards,
Haley Ahrendt

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