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2011 FW Mayoral election by the numbers

Mayoral election poll results from the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics: 2011 Fort Wayne Mayoral Election By the Numbers (1) The Mike Downs Center for...

‘Beer Summit’ postponed

An e-mail from candidate Haley Ahrendt: The beer summit will have to be postponed due to the schedules of the candidates. It was good intentions...

Haley Ahrendt interview

I caught up today with Haley Ahrendt for one last interview before Tuesday's election. httpsv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuWjMwQzfcE

Ahrendt proposes ‘beer summit’

News release from the Haley for Mayor campaign: Haley Ahrendt has invited Mayor Henry and Fellow candidate Paula Hughes to a beer summit One of the...

Media interviews after last Saturday’s debate

After last Saturday's mayoral debate at the Public Safety Academy, candidates Haley Ahrendt (I) and Paula Hughes (R) spoke with the media about a...

Haley Ahrendt interview

On October 26, 2011, we sat down with Independent Mayoral candidate Haley Ahrendt and talked about his campaign.     View a list of the individual video...

Video: Saturday’s Mayoral Debate

    Video from this past Saturday's Mayoral Debate held at the Public Safety Academy.  

Video: Haley talks about his campaign finance report

Video interview with Haley Ahrendt as he talks about his campaign finance report filed shortly be this interview on October 21, 2011. httpsv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VfZOYPFhUY

Mayoral debate tomorrow

There will be a debate between the Fort Wayne Mayoral candidates tomorrow afternoon. The location is the Public Safety Academy of Northeast Indiana at 7602...

Independent Mayoral Candidate Haley Ahrendt’s campaign expenditure report

News release from the Haley 4 Mayor campaign: Independent Mayoral Candidate Haley Ahrendt's campaign expenditure report The Independent Candidate for Mayor, City of Fort Wayne, Haley...