Lakeside Rose Garden Memorials available

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News release from Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation:

Lakeside Rose Garden Memorials Available

(October 12, 2011) – The rose gardens of Lakeside Park have a national reputation as an All-American Rose Selection (AARS) and are beloved by the citizens of Fort Wayne. Yet in the past few years, the park has lost more than 300 rose bushes. In addition, 2012 is the final year that roses will be supplied by the AARS.

“The last three seasons have been brutal on the roses. We’ve had cold and wet winters and springs, which are less than ideal conditions for roses,” said Lynda Heavrin, Manager of Landscape and Horticulture. “Considering the needs at Lakeside Park, this is great timing to begin a memorial rose program.”

This “perfect storm” of reduced budgets, the loss of a regular influx of free rose bushes, and the huge need for new bushes has created an opportunity for Fort Wayne citizens to get involved. Donations are now being accepted to benefit the Lakeside Rose Garden. Any size donation is greatly appreciated. For larger donations, $1,500 will provide for a bed of 20 roses with a memorial sign; a bed of 10 roses with memorial sign is $800. This program is based on the popular memorial tree program.

For more information, contact Sarah Nichter at or call 260-427-6024.

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