City Council at Large Candidate Meet and Greet

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News release from the League of Women Voters:

City Council at Large Candidate Meet and Greet

The Fort Wayne Area League of Women Voters, in cooperation with the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics, is sponsoring a Candidate Meet and Greet for Fort Wayne City Council at Large candidates on Wednesday, October 19, 7 p.m. at Neff Hall Room 101 on the IPFW Campus.

The purpose of this “meet and greet” is two-fold:

1. educate the public on the purpose and scope of City Council

2. allow the average citizen an opportunity to ask questions of the candidates

The format of the evening will be to solicit questions from the audience and pose them to the candidates, allowing candidates to answer any or all questions as time permits.

“This format is more open and flexible than a formalized debate but that provides the candidates the opportunity to expand upon their answers and thus the educational aspect of the evening,” said Nancy McCammon-Hansen, LWV convener for the Fort Wayne area.

For more information, contact Andrew Downs at the Downs Center for Indiana Politics, 481-6691 or


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