City Clerk candidate Zach Bonahoom calls City employees nazis

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News release from the Allen County Democratic Party:

City Clerk candidate Zach Bonahoom calls City employees nazis

On May 13, 2011 Republican candidate for City Clerk Zach Bonahoom posted the following message on his Twitter and Tumblr referring to city parking employees as Nazis:

“Saw parking Nazi on the corner, so I quickly went and fed every meter on the block. Got the stink eye but it felt so good! ;)”

A screenshot of the tweet is available here, and is attached to this email.

This tweet is especially inappropriate given that the City Clerk is responsible for the parking enforcement department. In other words, Bonahoom referred to his own potential employees as Nazis.

This grossly disturbing message came to light following a recent news story in the Journal Gazette highlighting an inappropriate tweet sent by Bonahoom in which he stated “Mark GiaQuinta sitting behind me at City Council…will need a shower when I get home.” Bonahoom has made his proficiency with technology a cornerstone of his campaign but has repeatedly showed a dramatic lack of judgment in its use.

“This message demonstrates Zach’s extraordinary lack of judgment and disqualifies him to represent Fort Wayne residents,” said Allen County Democratic Party spokesman Kevin Knuth. “Anyone who would call their own employees Nazis simply does not deserve to hold elected office. If Zach has any understanding of what it takes to be a public servant, he will immediately apologize to the city employees who work hard for our city.”

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  1. Too Bad Knuth’s car wasn’t one of the victims of Zach’s good Samaritan work. Of course Knuth probably gets Sandy to waive his tickets. Seriously guys this was in May and you post it now!?

    Why do we even pay parking enforcement when Sandy has waived over half-a-mil in parking fines over the past nearly 30 years. This is money our city deserves.


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