Replica Pentagon and Twin Towers being built now on Healing Field site at Bearcreek Farms

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Replica Pentagon and Twin Towers being built now on Healing Field site at Bearcreek Farms
World Trade Center Traveling Memorial coming to Indiana

(Bryant, Indiana, August 25, 2011) – The World Trade Center Traveling Memorial will be spending the 10th anniversary of 9-11 right here in Indiana. The WTCTM ( along with honorary firefighter from Ladder Co. 20, FDNY, Mike Ballone and retired firefighter, also from Ladder Co.20 FDNY, Robert Barrett ( will be sharing their experiences and information with the people of Indiana, Ohio and Michigan this September as part of the Midwest America Healing Field.

A Healing Field is a flag display set up in recognition of a particular event or group of people. Made of American flags, the Bryant Field display will consist of approximately 2,000 flags This event will take place over the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attack on our country. What better time to reflect and honor those who protect our lives and our freedoms.

These 3’X5′ flags will stand 8′ tall in perfect rows. This living display of heroism will fly as a temporary patriotic tribute to military personnel and veterans who have fought to protect our freedom in the present as well as the past along with law enforcement, firefighters, EMS and first responders. The event will also commemorate the 10 year anniversary of all those who died September 11, 2001.

Bearcreek Farms Country Resort in Bryant, Indiana will be the host location for the MAHF’s 10 day event starting on September 2nd and ending on September 11th. Along with the field of flags there will be various displays and demonstrations throughout the grounds. Speakers such as Guy Gruters ( who was a POW for 5 years and others with something to do with each specialized day, such as Saturday, September 3rd, Veterans Day, or Wednesday, September 7th for Law Enforcement Day, etc. These as well as the entertainment provided by the MAHF committee will be FREE to the public. The only cost to anyone is if they choose to sponsor a flag in honor of their loved one or community heroes. You sponsor it, you own it, it flies in the field for the event and then you may pick it up, take it home and continue to fly it in their honor.

The healing field committee is made up of people who have family or friends serving. This is their way to help keep our community aware of those who sacrifice for our safety. For information on how to sponsor a flag or get a schedule of events,contact: Betsy Eischen, PR Chair at or phone: 419-852-6102


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