News release from Mike Avila: Harper’s Hypocrisy

Mike Avila's campaign sign.

News release from the Mike Avila for City Council:

Harper’s Hypocrisy
Mitch Harper is attacking city spending — the only problem? He voted to approve it.

(July 13, 2011) – Yesterday, Mitch Harper attacked the city’s debt, saying he’s “concerned about the growing number of IOUs,” and in a fundraising email, claimed he’s opposed to the city’s “runaway spending.”

But when Mitch Harper isn’t attacking city spending, he’s voting to approve it. In fact, Mitch Harper voted in favor of both the 2011 city budget and the 2010 city budget.

“Mitch Harper is a career politician with a long record of saying one thing and doing another,” said City Council Candidate Mike Avila. “Now he’s attacking city spending, after voting year after year to approve the city’s budget. The residents of the 4th District deserve better. I’ll fight to bring economic opportunity and jobs to our city, and be an honest voice for the citizens of our community.”


Mike Avila is running for Fort Wayne’s 4th District City Council seat to represent middle class families and residents. An honest and effective advocate, Mike will fight to hold down city spending, attract companies that create good paying jobs, and improve the infrastructure of the 4th district by focusing on sidewalks and street repairs. Mike isn’t a career politician — on Council, he’ll be a fresh voice for Fort Wayne residents.


Mike Avila for City Council website


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