Shine highlights cooperation of Council leadership

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News release from Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steve Shine:

Shine highlights cooperation of Council leadership
Discusses differences in member tenor

Allen County Republican Chairman Steve Shine praised Allen County Council President Darren Vogt and Fort Wayne City Council President Mitch Harper for their leadership to bring city and county council together to come up with the best way to get Fort Wayne working again while protecting the best interest of taxpayers.

“Vogt and Harper are exercising a spirit of cooperation that has been missing in local government for quite some time,” Shine said. “This action exemplifies what Republican leadership is all about.”

The action of bringing city and county councils for joint deliberations and agreement on benchmarks has been met with much different reactions from fellow council members. The all-Republican Allen County Council reserved discussion on the changes in the permitting process without fanfare. Conversley, Democrat Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry and Councilpersons Karen Goldner and Tim Pape are greatly resisting a full discussion of all stakeholders that are charged to protect the taxpayers in one meeting.

“I am disappointed by the action of city Democrats,” Shine said. “As a taxpayer, I am glad council leadership came together to make sure this expenditure isn’t simply a blank check to the Henry administration.”

Shine concluded by calling the joint meeting of the council “the ultimate protection of the taxpayer from a Democrat effort to ramrod a $1.4 million expenditure without the necessary cooperation of both legislative bodies.”


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