Allen County Democratic Party responds to Steve Shine, Mitch Harper

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News release from the Allen County Democratic Party:

Did Mitch Harper delay cutting red-tape for business because Paula Hughes asked him to?

In an unilateral and unexpected decision, last Monday City Council President Mitch Harper delayed streamlining the permitting process for businesses by sending the ordinance to a joint City County Council. In a timely coincidence, Paula Hughes quickly followed Mr. Harper’s announcement with one of her own, praising his decision to send these urgent improvements through a repetitive layer of hearings and discussions. In yet another coincidence, Mitch Harper’s political ally Paula Hughes’ facebook page now indicates she’s taking a “well-deserved vacation,” although she’s sure to return in time for the now delayed City-County Council.

The timing of these three events begs the question — did Mitch Harper delay cutting red-tape for business until his political ally Paula Hughes could return to politicize the process?

“Given Paula Hughes reputation for questionable campaign tactics, we need to know if she conspired with Mitch Harper to delay these improvements for political gain,” said Kevin Knuth, spokesman for the Allen County Democratic Party. “Fort Wayne residents deserve to know why Mitch Harper suddenly decided to delay cutting red tape for businesses, and if he did so at the behest of Hughes.”

Ask Mitch Harper the question: did he delay the permitting improvements at Paula Hughes’ request?

Would Mitch Harper delay cutting red-tape for businesses and jeopardize thousands of dollars in economic development for Paula Hughes? Harper recently told the Journal Gazette that he “would do whatever necessary for her [Hughes] to succeed.” But you’ll have to ask him to be sure.


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  1. Stephen – Fair enough! I really do appreciate your blog! It gives me the opportunity to respond to these missives from our city government! They don’t allow any responses – just “better do it our way because we will not allow any other”!


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