Election news – Schrader out in At-Large race; Ahrendt in for Mayor

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The Allen County Election Board met this morning in a regular meeting.

The first item on the agenda was to hear a complaint by Democrat Kevin Knuth concerning whether or not Democrat Tommy Schrader was a resident of the City of Fort Wayne and therefore eligible to have been on the ballot in the May Primary.  Schrader finished in the top 3 At-Large candidates in the City Council race behind current incumbent John Shoaff and candidate Gordon Anthony.

Election Board member Andrew Boxberger, the Democrat’s representative, recused himself because George Guido, who lost to Schrader, is also an attorney in the same law firm, Carson Boxberger.  Boxberger tapped local attorney and Fort Wayne Community Schools Board member Mark GiaQuinta to stand in for him.

The Board at first debated whether or not they should hear the matter today due to Knuth’s absence and then debated if they could decide the matter this morning.

It was decided to hear from Schrader who was in attendance.

Schrader admitted to the Election Board that he had voted and changed the address on his social security checks to Green Bay, Wisconsin when he moved there earlier this year.  He was living there the night of the primary and admitted he only ‘moved’ back after he learned he had won the 3rd spot on the ballot.

The Election Board felt they had enough evidence to proceed  with a vote and unanimously voted to rule Schrader ineligible to have been on the ballot.  Schrader has 30 days to appeal the decision to the Allen County Superior Court.

According to Election Board member Zach Klutz, the Allen County Democratic Party Chairman will decide who the replacement will be.  It wasn’t clear how he would proceed, or exactly what the procedure will be.  He could go with the 4th place finisher, which would be George Guido, or caucus.

Haley Ahrendt filed this morning with the Election Board to run as an Independent candidate in the November General Election.  He had to gather 3,000 signatures which will need to be verified.

I’ll have video footage, interviews with Zach Klutz, Tommy Schrader and Haley Ahrendt later this afternoon.

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