Statement from the City of Fort Wayne on today’s arbitration ruling

City of Fort Wayne Seal

Statement from Pat Roller, Controller at the City of Fort Wayne:

Today an arbitrator ruled against the City of Fort Wayne’s recent efforts to reduce healthcare costs for taxpayers and premiums for City employees. While this ruling only affects members of the Fort Wayne Firefighters Association, in the interest of fairness, the City will be reinstating the old spousal policy for all City employees. The changes will be made this month.

City employees are a valuable asset for our community. The benefit adjustments made earlier this year were part of our efforts to keep employee insurance premiums down. We will evaluate the impact of today’s decision as we continually look for ways to provide vital benefits to our employees while managing costs and protecting taxpayers.

– Pat Roller, Controller, City of Fort Wayne

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  1. Another reason to get rid of ALL public employee unions! Nothing, except more “give-aways” can EVER be done! The changes made over the last 10- years in private employee health insurance premium payments have tried to keep our businesses competitive with those from other countries, but our workers in governmental jobs just keep getting more from the public trough!


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