Statement from Chris Schoen, Barry Real Estate on The Harrison

Statement from Chris Schoen, Barry Real Estate on The Harrison:

Statement of Chris Schoen, CEO, Barry Real Estate Companies, on The Harrison:

We are continuing to work with all the members of our private-sector team on the development of The Harrison. Our preliminary estimate was that we would break ground during the first week of May, but this project is complex and has so many moving pieces that it has required some additional time.

I want nothing more than to provide the community with an exact date when construction will begin, but I am determined to make sure that everything is in place and confirmed twice over before specifics are announced.

What I want to underscore is that we are working every day to bring The Harrison to completion. I look forward to giving the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission and the people of Fort Wayne a full update by May 31, 2011.

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  1. So why in the heck did the Redevelopement Commission return the $’s that the TinCaps/Barry paid for missing the last deadline?? Adding more questions as to who is in bed with whom! Just when is “enough enough”?


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