New Doden TV campaign shares vision for Fort Wayne

Eric Doden campaign sign.

News release from Eric Doden’s campaign:

New Doden TV campaign shares vision for Fort Wayne

(April 5, 2011) – Republican mayoral candidate Eric Doden will continue to share his plans for modernizing Fort Wayne’s economy and helping to build a 21st-century city.

“I’ve talked with and listened to many residents over the past several months, learning their concerns about our city’s future and explaining how my plan gets us moving in the right direction,” Doden said. “Thanks to strong community support, we’re extending that dialogue to a broader audience. We believe in our vision for making Fort Wayne great once again, so we want to share it with as many residents as possible.”

The campaign centers on a 30-second television commercial which begins airing this week. The spot details and emphasizes Doden’s significant executive-leadership experience in the world of business; it also highlights his commitment to revitalize Fort Wayne’s economy by helping attract and retain high-quality jobs to the city.

“While other candidates continue to talk only about reducing city debt and government efficiency, Fort Wayne needs a plan for economic growth,” Doden said. “To date, I am the only candidate with a plan to encourage business formation that will bring private sector jobs. Our unemployment rate is above the national average and our average wage is below the national average. This situation must be reversed.”

“We’re at a crucial juncture in our city’s future,” Doden added, “and Fort Wayne needs the kind of innovative, entrepreneurial leadership that will put it on a path toward long-term economic success and vitality.”

To date, Doden remains the only Republican mayoral candidate with a strategic plan for creating and retaining jobs and growing Fort Wayne’s economy. He’s shared specific components of that plan over the past several months. Most recently, he discussed his approach to stemming the city’s home-foreclosure problems. Prior to that, he shared his vision for strengthening Fort Wayne’s education system and partnerships; announced his plans to promote a culture of productivity and customer service as mayor; market Fort Wayne in a targeted and aggressive campaign; leverage a portion of the light-lease fund to attract capital projects that will create jobs in Fort Wayne, as well as attract and retain a talented workforce; and attract 1,000 entrepreneurs to Fort Wayne.

More information, as well as the new commercial, is available at


About Eric Doden
For the past two-plus years, Doden has served as the director of investments at Ambassador Enterprises, a Fort Wayne-based consulting, investment and private equity firm. Prior to joining Ambassador Enterprises, he led the distribution and fabrication arms of Ambassador Steel Corporation.

Doden graduated from Valparaiso University School of Law and from Hillsdale College with majors in business finance and Christian Studies. He is a member of the Fort Wayne Chapter of Executive Forums, a current board member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and a former board member of his local church. He and his wife, Maci, a Fort Wayne attorney, have been married for 12 years and have 4 children. Learn more at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at


Transcript of the television commercial:

Transcript: Eric Doden TV campaign

Below is a transcript of the TV commercial for Eric Doden, which launches this week.

“I’m Eric Doden and I’ve spent my career in business, not politics.

We need a mayor with a plan to bring jobs to Fort Wayne, and I have one.

My conservative values were developed at home and on the job, whether I was delivering the evening paper or helping grow a successful company.

It’s jobs and aggressive leadership that will get Fort Wayne moving again.

We must:

[list type=”black”]
[li]Recruit new businesses and jobs[/li]
[li]Streamline city regulations[/li]
[li]And protect taxpayers from reckless spending[/li]

Fort Wayne is ready – Let’s get to work!”


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